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Live at home under construction or (better) not?

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

It depends on many factors such as the type of remodeling you are doing, how big your property is, location of rooms and more. I, from my experience, would not recommend living on a construction site. But in case you do, there are some tips, which could help you.

  1. Living space: It is very important you manage to have a room or two which are going to be your safe zone when everything else is a mess.

  2. Furniture & other stuff: Take as much stuff as you can from the rooms you are remodeling. It is ideal to start remodeling with an empty room for sure.

  3. Cleaning: I highly recommend to vacuuming as often as you can while doing a remodel. We vacuumed all the time. We purchased a dry vac for that because you simply do not want all of the construction dust in your expensive home vacuum. We love our vacuum. We did not want to destroy it, so we bought one especially for use on our site.

  4. Get out of the house: It is pretty hard to remodel and live in the house or on the site. Especially when you do as much as you can by yourself. But you need to recharge your inner batteries from time to time. The process of remodeling is very exhausting and you need to keep in mind, that you need to take some time off too. At least once a week have dinner in a restaurant. At least once a month have a massage. Treat yourself a little bit!

  5. Project management: Write everything what is going to happen. It will keep you on track and it will help you with time management as well. Some things take a lot of time. Some shipping takes a lot of time. Sometimes you forgot something (It is a lot of stuff going on. We know it.). Sometimes you find out something you did not know it is there, like for example asbestos. We found it as insulation in our house. We did not know about it when we bought the house. I will keep you posted about this topic at one of my next articles.

  6. Build happiness: Find little things that make you happy and stick with them. Find a little corner in your garden and relax there. Build a little fire pit or a greenhouse. We did both. I will show you in next articles too.

Please excuse our appearance while we are under construction.

& do not leave your rituals behind. If you usually drink green tea in the morning from your favorite cast iron pot then manage to keep your ritual. Stay focused but do not get eaten by that house! :)

Thank you for reading. Fingers crossed for your remodeling. Strong nerves & (try to) keep calm.

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